About Us

The Company

Lithotech Medical is a global, privately held company that specializes in OEM services based on Nitinol technologies. Since 2001, we have designed and developed more than 100 products for customers worldwide, with dozens of products already on the market.

Our customers receive fully integrated solutions with the help of our highly experienced and extremely knowledgeable multidisciplinary team of physicists, material engineers, mechanical engineers and industrial engineers, as well as regulation and quality control experts.


OEM Services

Our OEM services include 6 steps specifically designed to ensure our customers’ requirements are met. 


Over the years, we have developed a specialty in manual braiding of Nitinol wires; ensuring customers receive the best in-class solutions. Our committed support team provides great service to customers every step of the way – from concept to completion of their commercial product. With our expertise, it doesn’t matter what size, shape or medical application you need – if it’s Nitinol-based products you require, we are here to help turn your ideas into mass produced products.

Nitinol Manual Braiding

Experts in Nitinol manual braiding, Lithotech has the unique knowhow to help you design and manufacture products that require delicate, precise work to meet your specific needs.

Nitinol Manual Braiding 2


Valery Diamant, PhD
CTO & R&D Manager

Dr. Diamant has been with Lithotech since 2001. Valery has vast experience and knowhow in the fields of solid-state physics and the research of material properties under the influence of high-energy particles. Valery has published more than 60 scientific papers and is the holder of over 20 patents.

Uri Barzily
Business Development

Mr.  Barzily joined Lithotech in 2012 and has over 12 years of experience with products development and project management. Uri holds a B.Sc. in Physics from Tel-Aviv university.

Nitzan Shaham
General Manager

Mr. Shaham joined Lithotech in 2007, and has more than 15 years’ experience in various operational management disciplines. Nitzan holds a B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering and Management from the Ben-Gurion University, specializing in production systems, and an M.A. in Law from Bar-Ilan University.